How Many Masters in Criminology Dhaka University

Are you interested in learning more about Dhaka University’s Master of Criminology program? This blog article is for you if so! We’ll discuss your alternatives for completing a Masters in Criminology Dhaka University here. The application procedure, course requirements, and other crucial program components will also be addressed. We’ll discuss some tips for maximizing your Master of Criminology experience before we conclude. So if you want to learn more about obtaining a Master’s in Criminology from Dhaka University, keep reading.

Overview of the Masters in Criminology program at Dhaka University

The famous and thorough master’s degree in criminology offered by Dhaka University gives students the information and abilities required to comprehend and evaluate criminal conduct. A multidisciplinary approach is used in the curriculum to integrate sociology, psychology, and legal ideas to give a comprehensive knowledge of crime and its effects. The program guarantees that students obtain a top-notch education in criminology thanks to its knowledgeable instructors and cutting-edge facilities. Alums of the program have followed remunerating professions in law enforcement, the scholarly community, examination, and policing.

The entry criteria for the master’s degree in criminology

For entry into the Masters in Criminology program at Dhaka Institution, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in any area from an approved university. Additionally, students must have earned a minimum GPA of 2.50 when passing the SSC and HSC examinations. Further, candidates must pass the Department of Criminology’s viva voce exam and written admissions examination. Competitors who fulfill these prerequisites might apply for thought for admission to the program.

Course curriculum and specialization options

The Dhaka University Masters in Criminology program provides a thorough curriculum that explores all facets of the subject. Courses on the criminal justice system, criminological theories, research methodology, forensic psychology, and cybercrime are among those that students may expect to take. Additionally, the curriculum offers concentration opportunities in disciplines including victimology, cyber criminology, juvenile justice, and policing and law enforcement. This enables students to customize their education depending on their criminology-related interests and professional aspirations.

Faculty members and their expertise in Criminology

Highly qualified and experienced faculty members enhance Dhaka University’s Masters in Criminology program. These experts contribute a wide range of involvement with legal science, law enforcement, and wrongdoing counteraction, among different areas of criminal science. They can provide students with insightful advice and direction as they become criminology specialists because of their considerable academic and professional expertise. To ensure that students obtain a thorough and current education in criminology, the faculty members are devoted to remaining current with the most recent research and advancements in the subject.

How Many Masters in Criminology Dhaka University

Facilities and resources available for Criminology students

Students studying criminology have access to cutting-edge resources and facilities at Dhaka University. The division contains a very much-supplied library with various criminal science-related books, periodicals, and exploration papers. Students may also use computer laboratories and internet resources for research and assignments. The college often holds conferences, workshops, and seminars to increase networking opportunities for students and their knowledge base. As a general rule, the establishment guarantees that criminal science majors approach every one of the devices they need to prevail in their coursework and exploration.

Options for employment after finishing the master’s degree in criminology

Alums of the Experts in Criminal Science program at Dhaka College have various professional possibilities and potentially open doors. They can seek after professions in policing, like the police or knowledge offices. Moreover, they can fill in as wrongdoing experts, criminal profilers, or criminological experts in general and confidential areas. Graduates can also choose to further their education by pursuing a Ph.D. in Criminology or related fields, which can lead to research and academic positions in universities or think tanks—the program outfits understudies with the fundamental information and abilities to have a massive effect on criminal science.

Alum success stories from the Masters in Criminology program

The Experts in Criminal Science program at Dhaka College has created various effective alums who have made critical commitments to the area of criminal science. Many graduates have worked in law enforcement agencies, research institutions, and academic institutions. Some alumni have become renowned experts in the area, conducting groundbreaking research and publishing influential studies. Others have become leaders in policy-making, advocating for reforms in criminal justice systems. The success stories of these alumni highlight the quality of education and training provided by the Masters in Criminology program at Dhaka University.


In conclusion, Dhaka University’s Masters in Criminology program provides a thorough and specialized education. Because of a vigorous educational plan, proficient teachers, and many assets, understudies have the data and abilities expected for a practical vocation in the field. Moreover, the educational plan extends to various employment opportunities, and its alums have become influential individuals from the local criminal science area. A fulfilling and significant career in the criminal justice system is possible with a Masters in Criminology Dhaka University.


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